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mh370 media stupidity and identity safetyIf you’ve seen any news over the weekend, you will have seen that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared off radar screens less than one hour after takeoff. The Internet has been awash with conspiracy theories about the causes; terrorist bombing, the new Bermuda triangle, spontaneous decompression, the long-term results of a ground-based collision two years ago.

The investigation and search process is still under-way, and the focus now is that at least two people boarded MH370 using stolen passports. Click through to this news piece, and fast forward in to 26 seconds of the video clip; better still click on the image to the right. How much more information do you need to forge a passport? How many times does this guy’s name need to show up in Interpol’s database of “Lost and Stolen Travel Documents” before he ends up on the “Do Not Fly With This Guy” ™ list?

Identity theft is a very real issue is this day and age. And our news outlets spruik about the dangers of identity theft on one hand, and then openly publicize private data on the other. I love consistency.. and that ain’t it.