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get your head out of your ass

Some days, I get so frustrated. Sometimes it is cause by the customers that I support. Other times, it is caused by people from other departments. 

Normally, I can just laugh it off, make a snide comment in my head, and move on. Today, however, is not one of those days.

If you know me, or have had a read of my “About” page, you’ll see that I’m in IT Support, and have been work in the technology space for about 28 years. I know I’m not an expert on everything. Hey, I’m not an expert in anything (except perhaps for how much of a non-expert I am in anything), but I do have a fair amount of hard-won experience from the school of hard knocks, and the university of life.

So, when you ask me for a suggestion, or a solution to a technology-related question, I’d expect that my words and advice hold some weight. If, perchance, I suggest that you don’t do something a certain way, or that you don’t go down a certain path, I’m recommending it as a way of saving you time, pain, heartache, loss, or just plain old inconvenience. Or some combination of all four. Don’t go down that path. “Here Be Dragons!”. “Warning, Will Robinson”.

It follows then, QED, that I’ll be somewhat less accommodating to pull your burning hand out of the fire, and even less willing to help you hose down your self-inflicted brush-fire. If you’re asking the “doctor”, by extension you must be the “patient”. Unless you’re a “doctor” asking another “doctor” to consult.