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Facebook Looking Back

Facebook is celebrating its 10 year birthday today, and to celebrate the occasion, as well as the people who made it successful (that would be YOU!), Facebook created a special “Look Back” feature, giving users a nostalgic look into their Facebook history. The lookback consists of a video, tailor made for each user, showing their most important Facebook moments such as most-liked posts and photos.

If you’d like to save your `Look Back’, you’re going to need to do a little trickery, and using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

  1. Go to https://gist.github.com/xadhix/8802624
  2. Select and Copy (Ctrl-C) the 10 lines of code listed under “Facebook Look Back Downloader
    Xadhix - GITHUB - Facebook Lookback
  3. Open up the browser “console”. In Chrome, this is Ctrl-Shift-J. In Firefox, this is Ctrl-Shift-K
    Chrome looks like:
    Chrome - Console
    Firefox looks like:
    Firefox - Console
  4. Paste the code in the text field and hit Enter
  5. Right click on the “here” to download the video. Save the file with a “.mp4” extension.
    Download Facebook Lookback here
  6. Voila! You’ve got a copy to keep for posterity!